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Ant Control

Pest Takers ant control are experts of ridding you of your ant infestation

Ant Control

We have all seen trails of worker ants in and around garden areas, forming long lines of endless ants who are foraging for a wide range of foods to take back to their nest and feed the ant larvae. It can be fascinating to view ants, but not so much when they are discovered in your home, which is normally around the kitchen area, and a small line of ants can soon turn
into hundreds and thousands


They are particularly attracted to sweet substances and whilst ants are not inherently ‘dirty’ insects, no one wants a trail of ants walking around food preparation areas.

When you try and treat ants yourself, you may kill quite a number but they will have left a pheromone trail to your property and unless you can exterminate all the ants from their nest, the next batch of ants will merely pick up the trail and return.

Ant Infestation

If you want a complete solution to your ant infestation, call Pest Takers ant control and we will despatch one of our technicians