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Is culling Grey squirrels racist ?

An article has just been published in the Daily Mail regarding the backlash from small groups of individuals who oppose the legal culling of grey squirrels, which reads: Conservationists who cull grey squirrels to protect reds have revealed that they are often accused of being ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobic’. Andrew Hodgkinson, a member of the charity [...]

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The Wasp season is about to begin

I am receiving numerous calls about increased Wasp activity as the temperatures increase, so I have posted a breakdown of what to expect for the coming months Queens in April April is the month when the young queen wasps awaken from their winter slumber and begin to build nests, made from chewed up wood fibers [...]

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Beware: clothes moths are on the increase

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3832284/Wrap-jumpers-moths-arrived-UK-s-wardrobes-attack-humid-September.html Wrap up your jumpers, a moth infestation has arrived! UK's wardrobes are under attack after a humid September The pests feed on lambswool, cashmere, tweed, sheepskin and fur This year, the UK saw highest September temperature (34°C) since 1911 As the temperature starts to drop, people are opening drawers and cupboards that to find [...]

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Getting to know Rats

Rats: Fact and fiction The mere mention of rats draws many negative connotations. You’ve probably heard phrases such as “dirty rat” and “drowned rat”, but do rats really deserve their bad name? The ugly It's estimated that rodents are responsible for depleting one-fifth of the global food supply every year. And rats communicate and mark [...]

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Got a mouse problem? Call Pest Takers!

Today, John from Pest Takers tackled a property in Eltham suffering with a severe mouse problem. The first job was entering the loft area which hadn't been opened for four years... he wasn't sure what he was going to find up there! After blocking a mouse hole and laying out baits, John will return to [...]

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Look out for aggressive wasps in September

Beware, wasps in September are feeding on lots of fallen over-ripe fruit, which actually makes them act drunk and aggressive (a bit like English football fans!) and are therefore more likely to sting. Last week, Pest Takers tackled a wasp nest under a roof tile at a property in Bexley. Wearing specialist protective clothing and [...]

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