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Case Bearing Moth Control

case bearing mothFinding the odd moth in your home is not going to be a problem, but if your moth is pale brownish-grey in appearance, has spots on its wings and spiky scales on its head, then you probably have an infestation of ‘case bearing clothes moths

It is likely that you will then become aware of more of these case bearing moths in and around your property A more thorough inspection may reveal damage to the edge of your carpets and clothes inside your wardrobes

This damage is not caused by the adult moth but by the larvae who have hatched from their cases and who feed on natural fibres found in carpets, furs, upholstery and woollen fabrics. If you look under furniture or beds you may find a number of egg cases attached and hanging in batches

 If these case bearing moths are left untreated you will soon have a multiplying number appearing in your home as the pupa hatch into adult moths

Call Pest Takers and we will ensure treatment is carried out promptly and professionally to reduce the extent of damage.