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Mice Control

The Pest Takers mice control team are experts at dealing with any mice problem you may encounter.

Mice often look for harbourage inside domestic dwellings to nest and breed, and mice are prolific breeders reaching sexual maturity at between 5-6 weeks, they can produce their first litter of 5-8 mice within 9 weeks of being born. This means your mice population can increase vastly in a short period of time unless treated

Mice Control

Mice are common visitors in domestic dwellings all year round and can enter a property through the smallest of gaps

For example, if you can roll an HB pencil under your door, then that is big enough for mice to squeeze under, so never under estimate what gaps they can penetrate

Mice are doubly incontinent, meaning they urinate and defecate as they walk around, mice can produce 50-60 droppings per night


Mice droppings

 and leave a trail of urine invisible to the human eye, so it is of particular concern if mice have access to food preparation areas, as mice also carry diseases harmful to humans, such as Salmonella and Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis, so need to be dealt with quickly and professionally.

Please call the Pest Takers mice control team for a rapid response, full site survey, suggestions about proofing your property against mice access and dealing with your mice problem