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Mole Control

Moles can be a major problem on sports fields, farmland, golf courses and gardens. Finding unsightly molehills can mean the start of extensive damage in and around your garden, grazing fields or sports grounds unless treated rapidly

Pest Takers mole control team have lots of experience in dealing with them and offer a professional mole control service

Moles are solitary mammals, and dig out feeding tunnels about 5-20cm’s below the surface. It is the process of digging these tunnels and forcing out the earth that creates molehills.

Mole Control

The moles will then patrol these tunnels hoping that their favourite food, earthworms, will fall into them and will continue to extend these tunnels which will sometimes cover an area between 400-1,600 square metres

To establish if your mole is still active, heel in some of your molehills and wait to see if the earth is pushed out again, and this confirms whether you have an active mole tunnel

If you have, please contact the Pest Takers mole control team and we will ensure you get professional assistance to rid you of your mole problem