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Rat Control

Rats in and around your house is very unsettling for the home owner, and hearing the scuttling sound of a rat can send shudders down your spine

At Pest Takers, our rat control team know that all you want to do is get rid of them and fast, so do not worry as we have lots of experience in treating your rat problem and will start by trying to track down where the rats are coming from and how they are gaining access into your house

 Rat Control

The rat you are most likely to encounter is the Norwegian rat, otherwise known as the Brown rat, Sewer rat or Common rat and like all species of rat they are ‘Neophobic’ which means they have a fear of new things.    This means that when you put any bait, bait boxes or traps down, you must allow 7-10 days before any rat will approach them and the process of treating your rat problem can take 3-4 visits

Please be patient though, as when you factor in the possible damage through gnawing, (rats seem very attracted to man-made cables),

risks to human health, (rats carry a number of diseases harmful to humans including Salmonella and Leptospirosis) and the psychological effect of hearing rats moving around your dwelling and also being aware of their smell, then you can see how important it is to deal with any infestation quickly and professionally, so call the Pest Takers rat control team for a rapid response, full site survey and discussion about proposed treatment


Pest Takers Rat Control