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Grey Squirrel Control

The Pest Takers Grey squirrel control team have a lot of experience in dealing with your Grey squirrel problems


Grey Squirrels may look quite cute and entertain us with their acrobatic displays in the garden, but they are responsible for many million pounds worth of damage to the economy each year, ranging from:

  • Gnawed roof struts, rafters and tear up insulation

  • Gnawed timber, electrical cables, plastic piping and goods stored in lofts

  • Chew through sofits to gain access into loft spaces to build nests

  • Digging up gardens lawns and make unsightly holes to bury food

  • Digging up bulbs and potted plants

  • Empty bird feeders and raid bird nests for eggs

  • Strip back bark on trees


Grey squirrels were deliberately introduced to Britain from North America between 1876 and 1929, initially by the Victorians as a novel addition to estates and park lands so they are non native

because of this, under the ‘Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981’ captive grey squirrels cannot be released into the wild, so it should be noted that in event of live capture, pest controllers are not permitted to release them

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If you have a suspect you have a squirrel in your loft or damage to your garden or property, please call the Pest Takers Grey squirrel control team to deal with your problem, professionally and efficiently