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Wasp Control

Pest Takers are your local experts in wasp control and can dispatch a qualified technician to your property in no time. Working in all areas across South East London and North Kent, Pest Takers will quickly and efficiently deal with your wasp problem.

Wasps are large flying insects with powerful venom that can pose a serious risk to people and animals.

By June or July in the UK, worker wasps have hatched and a wasp nest will be at its peak activity – it is around this time that wasps start to impact on people’s lives. Towards the end of the wasp season in August and September, wasps will start to eat rotten fruit which has fallen from fruit trees, causing them to become increasingly aggressive and more likely to sting you. Wasps are attracted to kitchen areas and will come into houses through open windows and doors, causing a nuisance and disruption.

It is also common for wasp nests to appear in domestic areas, which, if disturbed, could be extremely dangerous. Trying to get rid of a wasp infestation yourself can be potentially life-threatening, given that DIY pesticides rarely do more than agitate the nest. Typically, wasp traps can only decrease the population, but not eradicate the colony. Most nests are built under roof eves, but can be found in wall cavities, lofts, sheds and garages.

  Wasp nest Removal and Control

 Pest Takers are fully qualified to deal with your wasp problems quickly, efficiently and affordably. Using the latest industry tools and products, Pest Takers will completely eliminate the entire wasp colony in one day, using environmentally-friendly and ethical products, and will be back the very next day to remove your wasp nest.

Wasp Removal and Control

If you are suffering with wasp problems or have found a wasp nest in your home, call Pest Takers on 07982427788 for a fast, friendly and professional approach to wasp control.